No idea where to start ?

What if building your dream business was easy?

This BUILD YOUR BRAND bundle is YOUR shortcut to building your business so you don't have to spend hours researching. -Skip that so you can focus on what you do best and start selling now.

Expanded + Updated for 2021

*Includes Yearly Updates*

Let's Be Real


You want to do what you LOVE and make your own schedule

>> You just knew what to do next. Whew. That's a biggie. 

>> You’re proud of your online presence. 

>> You can STOP offering discounts to get attention. People buy from your brand because they believe in YOUR story.

>> You NEVER have to clock into another  business again...

>> The road to building your business was laid out for you. Say goodbye to the guesswork. We've done all the research.

Now, sit back and imagine a world where...


3 Volumes filled to the brim with actionable, business mechanics that will take you from "Sinking-preneur" to "BOSS" just as fast as you can read and put into practice what is in their pages.

If your brand is NOT telling your story, your business is not planned out or your online platform is not set up to succeed....OR even worse - you don't have an online shop 😅

I see your there...
doing A LOT of this 🤞🤞🤞

The Ultimate Business Building Blueprints

I can hear what you’re thinking...

"Thanks, Dani ....this sounds great, but I'm smart & I can figure it all out on my own."

Yes you can. but why waste your MOST VALUABLE ASSET- "aka time."

I did the work for you...

Welcome to...

The shortcut to help your business stand out, get strategic and tell a story that connects with your dream customer.

Stop the research.

I'm giving you EVERYTHING you need to easily build your business and its reputation for ALL of 2021
(and then some).

And, who am I again? 


I'm Dani. For 15 years, I've used my talents in marketing, e-commerce, graphic design and branding. I’ve developed products internationally, created a trendy fashion line of accessories and run a successful e-invite business . Today I enjoy supporting others to succeed in business. 

Three In-Depth guides brought to you by Brand Candie

Build Your Brand Bundle

-How to find your authentic voice and communicate it in a high-value way

-How to find your tribe of customers who eat up everything you say

-Protect your ideas and proudly preach about your unique mission

-Monetize, capitalize, and create income from your brand

Think BIG Picture

-Develop a competitive strategy for out-maneuvering your competition

-How to accurately tell how much money you're going to be making in your business

-Calculating your business risk (instead of just feeling anxious all the time!)

Money Making Website

-Page-by-page advice for what to say, where you should say it, and how to say it

-The step-by-step technical instructions ANYONE can follow to build a beautiful website

-Every "trick of the trade" you need to convert website visitors to buyers

No more watching everyone else fly past and continuing to be stuck yourself

All For The Stunningly Low Price of $29!

Total Value = $57

Today's Price = $29.


This is your PERSONAL invitation from Dani
founder of Brand Candie 

 ... so not true


Building aka figuring out what you offer is only half the battle.

People love your work.  

But your sales aren't very pretty.

And you know you have to do SOMETHING to level up your business..or start

You just haven't built your business (properly) yet.

I got something for you

No More...


about the very idea of starting your own company? No more.


but not sure what to do about it


"slow and steady" but not getting anywhere

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