The brand Candie story

You Found Me

I’m Dani

Developing a brand for your business takes time and energy, but that’s why you have me on your side. While my main goal is to help you cultivate a brand that shines, I hope to encourage you to be your best, most ambitious self along the way. It’s all about mindset and taking action each day. You got this.

My vision is to empower and inspire women to take their businesses to the next level via branding and personal development. Oh, and bringing back the fun in entrepreneurship too!

Over the last 15 years, I've played the wholesaler, fashion buyer, photoshoot coordinator, graphic designer, social media manager, and brand specialist. I’ve also launched a product line, created my own accessory fashion line, founded a fully automated e-invite business, and built the Brand Candie.

Well, But more importantly, I’m a mother too. Brand Candie was born as a way to work on my own time, make MORE money, and have MORE time with my children. Needless to say, I’ll never look back, and you shouldn’t either!

Every time I started a business, I've learned from my mistakes & mentors and then got better. It's all about doing what scares you, failing, and then rising to the top.

I believe that life is full of inspiring messages from the most unlikely sources. So, I hope that I can give you the push that others have given me to level up your business.

Let’s push forward and work smarter to build your empire. Let's admit it. Most service-based sites aren't pretty. We give you the design templates that are smart, bold, mobile-friendly, and have all the pre-built features you need.